Fundraising Toolkit


So, you’re registered for the Wisconsin Humane Society‘s Tails on the Trail run/walk for animals. Now what? 

View & print our full 2018 Fundraising Toolkit as a PDF here.


Check out the tips & tools we've put together as our Fundraising Tool Kit for 2018:

Reach out to your network of friends, family and co-workers to raise more funds for animals

Including email samples to help you get started

Double your dollars

Recruit team members

Collect more donations simply by hosting your own fundraiser or asking your employer for a match

Tell your story of why supporting WHS is important to you

Remember, the Wisconsin Humane Society receives no general government funding and is not part of any national umbrella organization.  We rely entirely on the generosity of our community and compassionate people like you to provide lifesaving care for more than 40,000 abused and neglected animals every year.


 What's the secret ALL top fundraisers know?

They ask a lot of people for donations and they ask each person more than once.


Use social media!

Promote your team/personal page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach possible team members and supporters!

Post regular updates about your fundraising progress and the walk.

Always thank your donors publicly on social media & remind everyone how much you have left to hit your goal- it’s a great way to show appreciation and could inspire others to give too!

When your webpage is ready, share it! Copy and paste the link to your page in emails & social media!

Remember, you’re not asking for anything for yourself – you are asking someone to make a donation to improve the lives of animals in our community.

Get your co-workers involved! Ever bring up a co-workers pet and see how quickly they light up talking about them? Animals have that affect on people, and you might be surprised how many of your co-workers want to be part of an event to support their furry family members.

Put up a team flyer in the break room

Include your team info in an upcoming newsletter

Ask your HR director if it can be included in your wellness initiatives

Is your workplace team all ready to go? Start a little friendly competition & make it fun!

Pick a nearby business, another department at your company or another club and set your team’s goal up against theirs!  You can compete against the other team to raise the most  money or recruit the most members!  


Don’t forget to use the power and talents of your entire team to collect donations.




Does your company offer matching gifts?  If you’re not sure, ask!  Just like if you sent in a $25 check to WHS, donations made to Tails on the Trail are tax-deductible and go right back to supporting the animals!  Many generous employers in the Milwaukee area encourage charitable contributions by matching your gift dollar for dollar. 


It’s one of the easiest ways to double your impact, PLUS, employer matching gifts count toward Tails on the Trail fundraising prizes!




It seems simple, but the best way to recruit people to join your team is to ask them!

Simply asking friends or family to join you in the run/walk goes a long way

Think your co-workers would love to participate? The same tools apply to recruiting as it does to fundraising!

Put up a team flyer in the break room

Include your team info in an upcoming staff, volunteer, apartment, or community newsletter

Ask your HR director if it can be included in your wellness initiatives

Can't attend? They can become Virtual Walkers for free! Even if someone can’t come to Tails on the Trail on June 23rd, they can still register as a Virtual Walker and raise funds for the animals and your team. They’ll also still qualify for fundraising prizes!

Once registered, team captains can also log into the Tails on the Trail Participant Center to:  

Create a team webpage!

Just like your personal Tails on the Trail webpage, you can post a picture or your company’s logo, and tell everyone why your team is supporting the animals at WHS

Use our free email tools to recruit team members (see sample emails below)

Set a team fundraising goal and encourage your teammates to collect donations




Below are samples we’ve put together to get you started recruiting your team or collecting donations!


Sample #1: JOIN MY TEAM

Hi Family, Friends & Co-workers, (add more personal salutation if possible)

Will you consider joining my team to run or walk in the Tails on the Trail run/walk on Saturday, June 23 at Veterans Park in Milwaukee to support the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society?

Not only does the run/walk raise funds to support lifesaving services for 40,000 abused, neglected and homeless animals right here in our community, but you don’t have to have a dog to participate & it's a day of fun-filled activities for the entire family! 



Hi Family, Friends & Co-workers, (add more personal salutation if possible)

I am so excited to be participating in the Tails on the Trail run & walk for animals on Saturday, June 23 to help raise money for homeless animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS).

Proceeds from Tails on the Trail go directly to support lifesaving services for the 40,000 abused, neglected and homeless animals WHS cares for every year.  Did you know they also provide life-changing services to the community, including:

The Safe Haven Program provides temporary shelter for animals of domestic violence victims, allowing them to leave a dangerous situation without the stress of losing their companion animals.

The PAL Program works with underserved youth to build empathy, responsibility and compassion for animals by pairing them up with shelter dogs and orphaned wild animals.

Will you support me and the incredible work WHS does for the community with a donation?