Tails on the Trail 5th Anniversary

Grace Evans Memorial Team

Grace Evans (1993 - 2017) was taken from us too young and too early. Recently graduated, she was beginning her adult life when it abruptly ended at the age of 23. Though her life was short, she filled it with the things she loved most: family, friends, travel, and dogs. She will always be remembered for her heart of gold, contagious laugh, and kind soul.

Grace absolutely loved dogs. Growing up, she spent her childhood surrounded by her parents' three dogs: Sandy, Holly and Cinnamon. The time spent around these dogs would create bond that would follow her into her adult life. Not only did she love every dog she met, but she was excited to eventually adopt a dog (or five) of her own.

Together, her family and friends will participate in the 5th Annual Tails on the Trail to support the Wisconsin Humane Society, a cause that Grace was passionate about. By coming together on June 24, not only will we celebrate Grace’s life and achievements, but we will also continue her legacy as an animal lover.

Grace Evans Memorial Team Raised
I RAISED $750 I MADE A DONATION Morgan O'Hara $750.00
I RAISED $100 I MADE A DONATION Kluft Family $100.00
I RAISED $100 I MADE A DONATION Tuttle Family $125.00
Becky Bachhuber $0.00
Andrea Biscontine $0.00
I RAISED $100 I MADE A DONATION Kirsten Brown $175.00
Roger Cuevas $0.00
Emma Eykmans $0.00
Anya Hytry $0.00
Shrinidhi Kalluru $0.00
Kelsey Kerslake $0.00
Cassie Kluft $0.00
I RAISED $100 I MADE A DONATION Katelyn Kluft $100.00
I RAISED $25 Kelly Kluft $40.00
I RAISED $25 Ethan Kuehn $25.00
Erica Landry $0.00
Lisa Landry $0.00
I MADE A DONATION Molly Poeske $50.00
Amanda St. Onge $0.00
I MADE A DONATION Natasha Turzinski $25.00
Dave Tuttle $0.00
I RAISED $25 Jenny Tuttle $25.00
Team Gifts $375.00
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