Tails on the Trail 5th Anniversary

Barks & Recreation

Thank you for visiting our page for Barks & Recreation - the team made up of WHS employees!

Many of us grew up dreaming about spending our days with puppies and kittens, so to be able to call what we do each and every day at the Wisconsin Humane Society "work" is truly incredible.  Working at a shelter, though, also means that we see first-hand what your generous donations can accomplish, and, how much work there still is to do to help the abused, neglected and abandoned animals who have no where else to turn.

Last year, we helped care for 35,000 animals, and for the people who love them. Because WHS receives no general government funding, it is your donations that enable some pretty incredible programs to exist for the community, including:

 Pretty cool, isn't it?  And those are just a few of the wonderful things the Wisconsin Humane Society does! 

Will you join us on June 24th at Veterans Park with your friends, family, co-workers, and of course, all of your furry canines? Even if you can't make it to the run/walk, your donation would be greatly appreciated.  You can click on any of our team members pages to make a donation to support animals in need right here in our community.

On behalf of everyone on Barks & Recreation,

Thank you!

Barks & Recreation Raised
I RAISED $25 Anne Reed $25.00
I RAISED $100 Harper_Remus $100.00
Belinda Barahona $0.00
I RAISED $25 I MADE A DONATION Heidi Boyd $25.00
Cooper Carr $0.00
I RAISED $300+ Allie Christman $400.00
I RAISED $100 Sarah Deering $100.00
I RAISED $300+ Jill Dickerson $300.00
Bridgette Frommell $0.00
I RAISED $300+ I MADE A DONATION Christina Huth $410.00
I RAISED $100 Brent Jensen $100.00
Beckett Jones-Hartwig $0.00
I RAISED $25 Dezarae Jones-Hartwig $30.00
Esme Jones-Hartwig $0.00
I RAISED $300+ Nelle Kempfer $400.00
I RAISED $1K+ I MADE A DONATION Alison Kleibor $2,450.00
Noelle Klement $0.00
Paul Klement $0.00
Brian Klimaszewski $0.00
Kristin Klimaszewski $0.00
Jill Kline $0.00
Kyra Mandas $0.00
Laura Nowlin $0.00
Michael O'Harrow $0.00
I MADE A DONATION Karen Papachristou $22.50
Carrie Pitzen $0.00
Emilie Rackovan $0.00
I MADE A DONATION Maria Reyna-Maynez $2.50
heather seidel $0.00
Kimberly Sleger $0.00
Kayla Soliday $0.00
I RAISED $100 I MADE A DONATION Angela Speed $125.00
Paula Stillman $0.00
I RAISED $300+ I MADE A DONATION Sarah Trudeau $445.00
I RAISED $150 Jesse VanCamp $285.00
I RAISED $100 I MADE A DONATION Mike Wamser $100.00
Ruadhan Ward $0.00
Nancy Weiss $0.00
JC Weitermann $0.00
Matthew Witte $0.00
I RAISED $300+ natalie zielinski $275.00
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