Welcome to My Fundraising Page!

Welcome to my fundraising page for the Wisconsin Humane Society Tails on the Trails Dog Walk/5K.

Please help by supporting the Wisconsin Humane Society and sponsoring me as I walk and/or by joining me at the event on June 25, 2016. This year is a bittersweet year. Ellison is walking, but I lost my four-legged walking partner, Riley, and her sister, Daphne, since the 2015 walk. This year Brian, Ellison, and I will be walking in honor of Riley and Daphne.

Our fundraising efforts will directly benefit the WHS and the animals and wildlife in our community. Here is how your tax deductible donations will be put to great use:

Thank you for supporting me and the great work of the Wisconsin Humane Society!

Many thanks to my sponsors. I will be walking in honor/memory of your pets: Riley, Daphne, Courtney, Rusty, Dingo, Roxie, Scratchy, Charlie, Robbie, Sparky, Dusty, Friskie, Sherri, Tammi, Lady, Henry von Kitty, Mr. Lucky Pants, Rocky Bambino Arnold, Lord Alfred Arnold II, King, Rourke, Murphy, “The Woobies” (Bailey and Amy), Chewy, Dia, Mik, Reina, Haley, Chase Kalmer, Harris Kalmer, Riley Kalmer, Mr. Nathan Lane, Sheldon, and Alice.