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Will you help little Sprout?
 sprout lounging

SPROUT DONATE BUTTONAt only 8 weeks, Sprout could easily fit into a baseball glove. He's such a tiny baby!  H
e loves to snuggle and just can't get enough attention. 

It's hard to imagine how the little guy felt when 
he was accidentally dropped and badly broke his leg. No pup should ever suffer such pain.

His family knew they couldn't care for his injury, so they brought the Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix to the Wisconsin Humane Society. After providing him with immediate pain relief, we took x-rays to determine the extent of his fracture, and Sprout got a special cast nearly as big as himself! 
We're lucky to be able to provide this extra care to special needs animals because we have the support of people in the community who care.   We couldn't do it without your support

Will you consider making a donation for Sprout's care? Your contribution of $10, $25 or even $50 will go directly to Sprout's medical care, and to the care of other animals recovering from injuries, illness, and abuse in our veterinary clinic. 

You can also sponsor Sprout in honor of a loved one and send a personalized  Ecard with his photo. (These make GREAT gifts!) Thank you so much for your support! 

sprout being held  
 sprout 3.jpg
I am such a good patient for the vets. Everyone says I'm a cute munchkin... 
what's a munchkin? 

p.s. we'll keep you updated on his condition, but no adoption holds are being taken for Sprout. To learn more about our fund for special needs animals, click here.