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Update 5.14.13: Sophia had her surgery and is recovering like a champ in her foster home! She should be available for adoption in a few weeks. 

A ribbon for Sophia

sophia the lab.jpghelp sophia.jpgShe didn’t have a chance. 

Sophia was living in a crowded shelter among a sea of cute puppies. She was three years old, and a black Labrador Retriever – not exactly a rare breed to find in a shelter. Even worse, she had a knee injury. Adoption was not likely for her.

Until she was transferred to the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

Sophia has a chance with us. Because of people like you, we have the resources to rehabilitate Sophia, provide her with the loving care she needs, and find her a forever home. 

Before we can even think about adoption, she needs knee surgery to repair a ligament tear. While the surgery is expensive, we can’t turn our backs on Sophia. She needs us. We’re counting on the support of folks like you to help us save this deserving dog. 

We have no doubt that Sophia will come through the surgery with flying colors and that we will find her a fantastic home after she is recovered. We provide second chances to so many animals, but we couldn’t do it without the support of generous people like you.  

Each year at this time we celebrate the people and animals who have touched our lives. Today, in memory and in honor of people who love animals and for the animals themselves who are close to our hearts, we invite you to help create a wreath that will stand as a symbol of our lifesaving work.

If you make a gift today, we will add a ribbon window cling in your honor to our wreath here at the Wisconsin Humane Society.   On the ribbon at WHS, we'll write the name of whomever you choose as your "Honoree Name" on the donation form.

Then, be sure to visit the Wisconsin Humane Society before Memorial Day to see the wreath display, including your ribbon.
Thank you for helping us save the lives of animals like Sophia. Together, we are making a powerful difference - one animal at a time.

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