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Chi Chi Needs Some Holiday Cheer

Chi Chi is hoping that 2009 is a better year. When she was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society, she looked so sad. She had great trouble walking due to a problem with her kneecaps and her family left her at WHS in hopes that we could return her to good health and better spirits.

Chi Chi, a 6-year-old Dachshund, was given a full medical exam upon her arrival, which included being tested for heartworm. Chi Chi tested positive and was immediately given medications to kill the heartworm. Chi Chi still has to wait for her body to clear out the dead worms. For many weeks, she needs to remain inactive as her system expells them.  Exertion can cause the dead worms to dislodge, pass to the lungs and cause respiratory failure or even death.  Without the discovery of Chi Chi's heartworm disease, she would have surely died at a very young age.

The little cuddler's delicate kneecaps still slipped and slided out of place, making walking an arduous task.  A specialist performed surgery on her legs to correct the condition. Her little bones have been secured with metal pins to expedite a speedy recovery. She is currently getting extra special attention and love as she heals in our clinic.

The costs associated with Chi Chi's surgery, hospital stay, heartworm treatment and adoption services are likely to reach about $2,000. Can you help Chi Chi by donating to help this girl? Like all the animals at WHS, Chi Chi depends on donations from individuals like you to provide expert animal care and adoption services. You make all the difference in these animals’ lives. Donate now and help Chi Chi on her road to a better 2009!

Your contribution of $10, $25 or even $50 will go directly to the care of this gorgeous girl. You can also sponsor Chi Chi in honor of a loved one and send a personalized ecard with her photo to let them know. 

Great news! We've raised the funds needed for Chi Chi's care!