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 Will you help Miracle?donatebuttonlady.jpg


kitten22.jpgLittle Miracle is lucky to be alive after being found in a paper bag with two deceased siblings.  The tiny kitten, barely three weeks old at the time, was discovered by a group of children in Racine.

The children were walking down the sidewalk when one of the kids kicked a paper bag on the ground and to their surprise, out rolled a kitten.

Inside the bag was a gruesome discovery – the three kittens were covered in feces and two kittens were already dead. The Racine Police Department was called by an adult passerby and an officer was dispatched to get the tiny survivor to safety. 

Miracle is now five weeks old and his will to survive is strong.  He is currently in foster care with one of our employees, who is providing round-the-clock care to make sure he grows up big and strong.

All of that care has a medical cost, and we're hoping you'll help. 

Click here to make a donation to help Miracle. You can also sponsor Miracle in honor of someone and send a personalized ecard with their photo. 

We couldn't save animals like Miracle without your support, and we're so thankful for any amount that you can contribute to his care - it all truly makes a huge difference. 


p.s.  Miracle won’t be available for adoption for several weeks but we’ll keep our website updated with his availability.  Interested in adopting today?  We currently have more than one hundred kittens and cats up for adoption.  All adoptions, including Miracle, are available first-come, first-served basis.


kitten18.jpgThank you!