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happy jerome small.jpgWednesday, February 8: Yay! Jerome is all ready to go home. He has been such a good patient that he has healed so fast! Jerome is now available for adoption here

Monday, January 28: Thank you to everyone who donated to help with Jerome's medical expenses! We have surpassed our goal to raise $1,500 for Jerome, thanks to YOUR support. He is doing great and recovering well. 

Will you help Jerome?


I am such a good patient for the vets .

With severe puncture wounds all over his body, a make-shift splint for his leg, and a cut on his neck, Jerome was in terrible shape. Although his cries of pain were hard to hear, we knew that we could help this 9-month-old puppy.

Our staff swiftly began to work on relieving Jerome's pain and evaluated the extent of his injuries. With the help of local veterinarian partners, Jerome began vital treatment this week that was needed to get him healthy again. Unfortunately, we learned that Jerome's injury to his leg was so extensive that it needed to be amputated.

Jerome is currently recovering comfortably at our Racine Campus. After he makes a full recovery, he will move into our regular adoption program. We will match him with a new family so he can begin a happier journey with a brighter future.

His medical care will exceed $1,500. Can you help by making a donation of $10, $25 or even $50 to help Jerome?

Your contribution will go directly to Jerome's medical care, and to the care of other animals at the Racine Campus recovering from injuries, illness, and abuse. The only way we are able to help homeless dogs like Jerome is because of donations from people like you.

You can also sponsor Jerome in honor of a loved one and send a personalized  Ecard with his photo. (These make GREAT gifts!) Thank you so much for your support! 

P.s. There are no holds being taken for Jerome. He will move into our regular first-come, first-served adoption program when he is recovered. 
happy jerome.jpg
Thank you for helping me out! 

To learn more about our fund for special needs animals, click here.