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When Jingles arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Ozaukee Campus, she barely had the strength to utter a meow.  Her tiny front leg was severely fractured and it dangled limply as the little tabby kitten struggled to stand.   The fracture had also caused a severe and painful infection that was spreading quickly.  Jingles needed help.

The damage was too extensive for her leg to heal and our veterinarians knew her best chance was to have her leg amputated. We immediately began medical treatments and within just a few short hours, Jingles had a full tummy, a warm bed and medical care that would save her life. 

After her surgery, Jingles spent the next several weeks recuperating comfortably at the shelter.   Once Jingles was fully healed, we found her a home with an amazing family.  Finally, she was safe and loved.  Finally, she had hope.



Abuse is never ok.  When Belle, a gentle Labrador Retriever mix arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society, her head hung low, her tail tucked between her legs, and her eyes cast downward in fear.

Belle was scared and hurt and our veterinary staff quickly discovered why.  Someone had cruelly tightened a choke collar around the sweet girl’s neck and it was embedded nearly three inches deep into her skin.  Belle winced in pain each time she tried to move her head.  She needed help. 

We took immediate action to help Belle, performing emergency surgery to remove the collar.  We cleaned, treated and dressed her wounds. That night, for the first time in a long time, Belle slept soundly with a full belly and a warm bed.

Slowly Belle’s scars began healing and her tail started wagging.  She was feeling what every dog should feel - safety and love.  And the day Belle was adopted by a loving new family, we could see in her eyes that she finally felt hope. 




Hope is an essential part of what we do. Hope propels us forward as we work to create a safer, more humane community for all of us, furry and human alike. We couldn’t do it without you.

Please help us kick off the season of giving with a gift to Hope's Lights.
$20 makes a light shine

  • $100 sets a strand of lights aglow
  • $200 illuminates a wreath
  • $500 lights an entire tree

Even a single light will make a real difference in the life of an animal. Together, we can shine hope in dark places and make life better for all of us. You can purchase a light in honor or memory of a beloved companion animal, person, or even a wild animal.

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There are several ways you can contribute to Hope's Lights:

  • Purchase a light in honor or memory of a special animal or person and send an ecard.
    You can also print a card!
  • Print a form and mail it in with your contribution. We will send cards through the mail on your behalf.
  • Make a donation to the Hope's Lights campaign (no card will be sent).
  • Call the Development Department at 414-431-6270.

Check out footage from our 2012 Hope's Lights Celebration at the WHS Milwaukee Campus!

Wisconsin Humane Society - Hope's Lights 2012 from Jamie Gellings Media on Vimeo.