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Kazuki, Isamu and Katsu

Desperate cries coming from the basement made it impossible for the staff to leave without making a final rescue for the day.  It was late on the fifth night of removing so many cats already, it seemed impossible that there could be any more in that terrible environment.  It was almost impossible to see in the basement. Their only sources of light were the flashlights they carried.  The debris and feces was worst in the basement. Garbage hampered their desperate search for the crying kitten. The staff followed the cries back in a corner. They removed an overturned bin and spied a tiny, 4-week-old Siamese kitten. The other two terrified kittens were hidden in the debris. They were found the next day and reunited with their sibling. Surprisingly, they are in very good health. Each kitten was examined by a veterinarian and now, the trio is staying with a foster family until they are ready for adoption.  We have named them Kazuki, Isamu and Katsu, Japanese for “hope”, “courage” and “victory.” Please consider making a donation to help care for these animals.

One-hundred and sixteen cats have been found in the Cedarburg home. Help save the 97 who survived.

Cedarburg Police responded to calls about odors coming from a home in downtown Cedarburg after receiving complaints from neighbors on February 21, 2008.  They found that the conditions in the home were deplorable.  Police report that one cat had died in the basement of the home and the other cats were feeding off of that cat’s body.  Odor, feces, garbage and cat urine were apparent. 

The Ozaukee Humane Society was called on February 22 to help remove the cats, which is still in progress.  All of the cats and kittens recovered have required medical attention.

OHS spokesperson, Beth Maresh, reports, “Upon entering the house, you can not distinguish between the bodies of the cats who had died or other debris.  We have already removed 19 deceased cats whose bodies had already started to decompose, as well as 97 live cats brought back to OHS for treatment.  Staff members have seen the owner dispose of other deceased cats, as well. We will continue to monitor conditions in the home to remove any cat who can be saved.  I can’t imagine anything in that building could be salvaged.”    

All cats are being taken to the Ozaukee Humane Society for care and observation.  During that period, Dr. Zeman, OHS Veterinarian, will determine what care they will need and make sure that every effort is made to save their lives. Many of the cats require extensive medical care for various infections. Some are terribly emaciated. Others need to be placed in foster homes because they are babies too young for adoption. Please consider making a donation to aid in the care of these cats.



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