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10/31: Thank you to eveyone who donated to Stevie's care! She has completely recovered from surgery and will be going into our adoption program today. She is so excited about finding a wonderful family that will surely adore this special girl. Thank you! 

sad, fluffy stevie.jpgStevie's Struggle on the Streets

Stevie was found wandering the streets alone in a Racine neighborhood.  The sweet girl was disoriented, underweight and needed help right away.

Thankfully Stevie was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society.  During her examination, our veterinary staff quickly determined that the little Pomeranian had badly damaged eyes that had caused her to go completely blind.  And is if that wasn’t enough, Stevie also had two painfully broken teeth.  We immediately performed surgery to remove her damaged eyes and extract her teeth.      

Today, Stevie is recovering in the loving care of WHS shelter staff and volunteers.  She greets every visitor with a thump-thump of her tail and gentle nudge of her nose. And when she is ready to move to our adoption floor, she’ll have as long as she needs to find a great family. She may have lost her vision, but she has a brighter future than ever before

We were only able to help Stevie because of donations from people like you. We do not receive government funding and depend on the community’s support to fund all of our lifesaving initiatives, including the care provided to Stevie. 

Will you give $10, $25 or even $50 to help us care for Stevie? Donate now. You can also sponsor Stevie in honor of someone and send a personalized ecard with her photo.

p.s. No adoption holds are being taken for Stevie - when she's ready, she'll graduate into our regular adoption program!