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Treating Tucker

Our little Chihuahua patient arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society in a very spirited fashion. Not only did he want to play with everyone who greeted him, he was the benefactor of an impressive number of kisses. As soon as we received the stray puppy, however, it was evident that he had a very painful, serious limp. He was quickly shuttled into our veterinary clinic for x-rays.

WHS veterinarians gave Tucker a thorough examination. His x-rays revealed three separate fractures in his front paw!  Tucker's paw needed to be splinted and stabilized by WHS veterinarians.  The poor little guy had to be restricted to bed rest for a while, too. At only 4-months-old, Tucker didn't quite understand why he couldn't run and play, but frequent visitors delivered lots of love and new toys every day, hoping to keep his mind active and spirit bright.

Although we didn't know how Tucker's break appended, we knew that with your help, Tucker would stay on all fours and recover quickly. The costs associated with his treatment, hospital stay and adoption services reached $1,200. Like all the animals at WHS, Tucker depended on donations from animal lovers to provide expert animal care and adoption services.

Thanks to all of the specialized treatment, Tucker received everything he needed to recover. He was quickly adopted by a loving family and is doing well in his new home.