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Meet Mitzy. This precious stray puppy was found on the side of the road in agonizing pain.  In her exuberance and youth, the 7-month-old likely ran out into the road and was struck by a car.  Unfortunately, her family never came to her rescue.  The poor girl was alone on the side of the road, suffering terribly.

Fortunately, someone did notice the injured puppy and came to her assistance.  After no one claimed her, Mitzy was brought to WHS and upon her initial examination, we discovered that this little girl had an unbreakable spirit. She rolled around the best she could, wiggling and squiggling at the mere touch of a kind soul. She was dirty, matted and covered in fleas, but relieved to be in a safe place.  When WHS veterinarians examined her, Mitzy did the best she could to crawl into their arms so she could deliver her thankful kisses. 

Mitzy’s initial x-rays revealed a substantial injury. Her pelvis was badly fractured. WHS veterinarians determined that specialized surgery was required to keep Mitzy on all fours. Her medical expenses and surgery, which was performed by an orthopedic specialist, cost nearly $2,500. 

This Lhasa Apso mix was only 7-months-old, still bursting with puppy energy, but not yet fully grown. We were thankful that because of her youth, Mitzy regained full mobility after successful veterinary treatment. The Wisconsin Humane Society receives no government funding, so we relied entirely upon the community’s generous support to provide lifesaving care for 20,000 animals last year, including Mitzy. Your gifts made all the difference to this precious pup.

Now that she is fully recovered, Mitzy has been adopted into a loving home in Hartland. She will have plenty of opportunities to run and play with her new family.