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Jeffy Regains His Step 

Jeffy was just a baby. Everyone who saw this 12-week-old Poodle absolutely melted in the presence of this beautiful little boy. What they didn’t automatically see, though, was that Jeffy was born with an abnormal condition that makes it terribly painful for him to prance around and play. We didn’t want him to live in pain any longer. 

JeffyJeffy was just one of 1,200 dogs rescued from Puppy Haven Kennels and because he was at-risk, he was among the first to be brought to WHS.  Our veterinarians discovered a deformity in his legs and his kneecaps were actually fused to his leg bones.  Our doctors immediately contacted a specialist who could perform surgery to correct this condition that gave Jeffy a second chance.

Jeffy’s veterinary treatment, surgery, hospital stay and adoption services reached $2,500. WHS receives no government funding, so we depended on donations to provide expert animal care and adoption services. You made all the difference in Jeffy’s life.

Jeffy needed time to recover, but when he was ready, he available for adoption. Jeffy quickly caught the eye of Joyce, a long-time Poodle adopter, and it was love at first sight. Joyce took Jeffy home and he is having a great time with his new Poodle siblings.