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When Buttercup arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society, her right rear leg was extremely swollen and very painful. She let out a string of plaintive “mews” when our veterinary staff tried to examine her injury. Dedicated WHS veterinarians gave Buttercup pain medication and after careful examination and x-rays, determined that Buttercup had a broken foot.

We’ll never know how this painful injury happened. She was surrendered to us without mention of any problems, but the bruising and swelling suggested that it had happened recently. Buttercup was withdrawn, depressed and wouldn’t even eat when she arrived. Thankfully, because Buttercup is receiving proper veterinary care, she is not in danger of losing her leg and she is beginning to respond cheerfully to caregivers.

Unfortunately, Buttercup’s recovery wasn’t speedy.  The only remedy for her broken foot was medication for pain, strict cage rest and time.  Anti-inflammatory medications helped her bones to heal and she was treated for a respiratory infection, as well. Buttercup started to eat normally and greeted people when they came to visit.  

Thanks to generous donations, Buttercup had plenty of time for her foot to heal and was adopted into a loving home. She has new kitty siblings to play with and is having a great time running, jumping and dancing!