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BrigidHope for Brigid 

Brigid was a mere 4.5 pounds and her first year of life had been a struggle. She is just one of 1,200 dogs who were be transferred to WHS, just one of the dogs provided a second chance to live freely instead of being caged in a facility absent of love, handling or even toys. Compared to many of the other rescued dogs, though, Brigid had a tougher road ahead. This little girl had a medical condition that causes her kneecaps to pop out of place. This problem was painful for Brigid, so she walked with a distinct, hesitant gait in order to avoid the pain and discomfort of her condition.

BrigidOnly specialized surgery would help Brigid stay on all fours. Each dog from Puppy Haven received treatment for their unique conditions and Brigid was no exception.  But we needed help.  The costs associated with Brigid’s veterinary treatment, surgery, hospital stay and adoption services reached $2,500. Like all the animals at WHS, Brigid depended on donations from individuals like you to provide expert animal care and adoption services. You made all the difference in Brigid's life. 

When Brigid completed her recovery, she was adopted by a young couple. Whitney, Brigid's new mom, was one of the vet techs who assisted on the surgery! Her new parents are thrilled to have her in their lives.