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Special Needs Fund

Jasmine lost a leg
after someone tied rubber bands around her leg.
Hazel's kneecaps kept popping out of place. She needed expensive surgery to fix them.
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Oliver broke his leg in an accident.

Every dog comes to us with a story. Many were innocent victims of abuse or neglect. Some have guardians going through a divorce or other family troubles. Others have had family members who didn't know they were allergic until their new puppy came home! 

But the dogs who break our hearts - and make this work so rewarding -  are the puppies and dogs who come to us in desperate circumstances. They've been struck by cars, beaten, ignored until their matted fur began to rot, or were simply born with a physical challenge beyond their control.

The Special Needs Fund is dedicated to these dogs. These extraordinary pups may need specialized surgery, more testing than usual, or modified training to address particular behavior challenges. While we regularly share stories with you about dogs like Oliver, Jasmine and Hazel on the right, the Intensive Care Unit at WHS is always a busy place with even more animals who need extra help.

Consider making a donation to this special fund. You can also make a donation in honor of someone and send an ecard to let them know. Your donation will go to help care for our dogs in the greatest need. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society receives no government funding and relies on the support of the community to annually care for 20,000 animals. Thank you for considering helping our most vulnerable dogs.