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PaniniThree Pounds of Puppy Love

When Panini arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society, the tiny Chihuahua was shivering and crying. Someone had accidentally stepped on the 8-week-old pup and the little one was in pain. Panini's family couldn't care for Panini's injury, so they brought the sweet puppy to us.

Our veterinary staff quickly went to work to help relieve Panini’s distress. Panini was given medicine to relieve pain and swelling. After x-rays were taken, the fractured leg was splinted. Despite the pain of the leg fracture, this polite Chihuahua was sweet to the veterinarians and welcomed their attention.  Panini loved giving kisses and eagerly climbed into the arms of many adoring caregivers. Panini spent several weeks in the WHS clinic and then completed recovering in a foster home.

Due to their delicate bone structure, Chihuahua puppies are especially vulnerable to leg fractures and must be handled carefully as they develop into adults. Fortunately, Panini’s leg fracture healed under the excellent care of WHS doctors and this special dog was adopted into a loving home with a new Chihuahua brother, Reggie!