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LUCCI_DONATE_550.jpgGive Hope to Animals

It’s difficult to imagine what Lucci’s life must have been like before he arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Every step was a struggle as he tried his best to walk through mounds and mounds of thick, matted fur. His left leg dragged painfully behind him.

We worked to free Lucci from the painful matting. After removing tangled fur from his back legs, we were shocked to discover why it was so difficult for Lucci to walk — he was missing his left rear paw.

Despite his suffering, Lucci greeted everyone he met with a gentle nuzzle. And now, with the thick matting finally removed, we could see that he was smiling too. Somehow, Lucci knew that his life was about to change.

Lucci was soon able to wiggle and waggle like every dog should. With his legs now free from matting, Lucci was able to comfortably and safely walk on his back leg.

Just a few days later, Lucci was adopted by a wonderful woman — a teacher who works with children who have special needs. Now, they fill each other’s lives with hope and happiness. 

You made this possible. Because of you, we were able to provide Lucci with the specialized care he needed.

Hopes Lights 2017

Giving hope is an essential part of what our community does - together. Hope propels us forward, in an effort to create a safer, more humane future for all of us, animals and people alike. We couldn’t do it without you.

Please help us kick off the season of giving with a gift to Hope's Lights. You can purchase a light in honor or memory of a beloved companion animal, person, or even a wild animal. If you'd like to donate in honor of a loved one and let them know, click here. 

  • $25 makes a light shine
  • $100 sets a strand of lights aglow
  • $200 illuminates a wreath
  • $500 lights an entire tree

Even a single light will make a real difference in the life of an animal. Together, we can shine hope in dark places and make life better for all of us. Thank you. 



P.S. Don't forget to join us on Sunday, December 3 at 5:30 p.m. for our annual Hope's Lights celebration!