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When Blaze arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society, you would have never guessed that he was only 11-months-old.  The skinny German Shepherd pup had tired eyes, a dirty coat and a partially-healed wound on his neck.  He was also covered in fly bites that were so bad, his ears were painfully damaged.  Despite all of this, his tail was wagging.  Blaze finally had hope.

Our veterinary team went to work right away, administering antibiotics and feeding Blaze a special high calorie diet.  After just three weeks, Blaze looked like the healthy, handsome dog we knew would emerge.  He was beaming. And although he will probably always have scars on his ears, his heart is happy and Blaze is ready to love his brand new family.




Life wasn’t any easier for Butterball.  The 8-week-old kitten had been living on the streets. Just trying to survive was a challenge of its own, but when he broke his leg, the little guy’s future became truly uncertain.  Thankfully, a concerned citizen found the suffering baby and brought Butterball to WHS.  Finally, he had hope, too.

Butterball’s leg was severely fractured and had to be amputated.  But surrounded by the warmth and expert care of our staff and volunteers, the kitten recovered quickly.  A few weeks later, Butterball was adopted into a loving home where he will never again have to struggle to find scraps of food to keep him alive.


Hope is an essential part of what we do. Hope propels us forward as we work to create a safer, more humane community for all of us, furry and human alike. We couldn’t do it without you.

Please help us kick off the season of giving with a gift to Hope's Lights.

  • $25 makes a light shine
  • $100 sets a strand of lights aglow
  • $200 illuminates a wreath
  • $500 lights an entire tree

Even a single light will make a real difference in the life of an animal. Together, we can shine hope in dark places and make life better for all of us. You can purchase a light in honor or memory of a beloved companion animal, person, or even a wild animal.

Don't miss our Hope's Lights celebrations on Sunday, December 8 at our Milwaukee Campus or Ozaukee Campus

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Don't miss the TV commercial featuring Butterball and Blaze: