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Honey Bear's Hero

Honey Bear

When Honey Bear was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society, we weren’t sure she’d survive the night.

The six-month-old Shepherd mix puppy was trapped in a Milwaukee house fire, unable to escape the basement, which was quickly filling with smoke.  Firefighter Scott Rightmyre with Engine 24 made his way into the basement and spotted the dog hiding under the bed. He bravely pulled her out and brought her to safety. Suffering from smoke inhalation, she was immediately surrendered to WHS.

Honey BearHoney Bear's eyes were stinging and she couldn't stop wheezing and coughing. Amazingly, she was still responsive to petting and sweetly leaned against staff members caring for her. She seemed to relax knowing that she would be treated with the utmost kindness.

Honey Bear was given medicine to alleviate the pain and Dr. Marla Lichtenberger administered a thorough examination. The doctor was relieved to discover that Honey Bear’s lungs seem to have no permanent damage or burns. Honey Bear’s eyes were thoroughly cleaned, as well as her coat, and she was kept under close observation as she recovered from her ordeal.

Thanks to the brave efforts of one local firefighter, Honey Bear’s future looked promising and in just a few of weeks, she was ready to be adopted. After receiving a good luck visit from the firefighter who saved her (photo to the right), Honey Bear was quickly adopted and is happily living in a loving home.