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Wisconsin and Ozaukee Humane Societies


DONATE BLUEYou had quite a year at the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

We say you had quite a year, because you made it happen.  Not even one day of our work would be possible without your support.  You have created an animal welfare organization whose groundbreaking practices are models across the country, and a place where amazing things happen every day.

2012.jpgA place where a sweet dog with a heart condition can find a new home in days, not weeks or months.  A place where every animal on the adoption floor has as long as he or she needs to go home.  A place where an injured animal has a chance to get treatment, and a dog with behavior challenges has a chance to learn better manners. A place where homeless animals find homes not by dozens or hundreds, but by the thousands, year after year.

Some of our favorite stories from 2012:

  • Chance, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, spent most of the summer at WHS. Her plea for a new home went out in the newspaper, on TV, radio and via Facebook. The community rallied around her. And on August 2, her dreams finally came true and we all got the happy ending we knew would eventually happen. Chance has a canine sibling and gets to run every morning with her mom. Her smile couldn't be bigger. 
  • Tigger (now Leo) came in covered in burs and emotionally shut down. His femur was badly fractured. After amputating his leg and completely shaving him down, his loving personality began to emerge. With tender care and patience, Tigger's life was transformed. Today, he is absolutely thriving in his new home! 
  • Stuck on a ledge for days at the top of City Hall, the Milwaukee Fire Department’s Heavy Urban Rescue Team stepped in to rescue Millie the seagull. The city cheered for this act of compassion, and Millie fully recovered at the WHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center before her release back into the wild.  
  • Our goal was to find homes for 150 animals during the ASPCA® Mega Match-a-thon 24-hr Adopt-a-thon, and the 150th adoption was nothing short of miraculous. Dolly had just been cleared to go up for adoption. Unfortunately, she was afflicted by a congenital heart condition called severe pulmonic stenosis. Her heart has to work extra hard to pump blood through a constricted pulmonic heart valve. We knew medicine would extend her life, but also knew that her lifespan will be shortened due to this condition. Would someone adopt her? Within 12 hours of her becoming available, Matt and Melissa Peppler chose Dolly. And they stole our hearts, too. 

These aren’t just our stories; they’re yours. They happened because you gave our hardworking staff at the Milwaukee and Ozaukee Campuses the resources to make them happen:  medical equipment, food, medication, cleaning supplies, strong training, and so much else. And soon, our Racine Campus will have those resources to save animals in Racine County, too. 

We receive no government funding for this work. We're not connected to any national umbrella organization.  It's all you. Virtually all of our work is supported solely by private donations and fees.

If our work in 2012 helped make your vision for animals come true, will you donate to help us continue our work?  Thank you so much, from all of us.



Anne Reed
Executive Director
Wisconsin Humane Society
4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208




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