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The Many Faces of Collaboration with Laura Monaco Torelli
Milwaukee Campus

Laura Monaco Torelli.jpgPlease join us for a day filled with collaboration. Laura Monaco Torelli (KPA CTP/Faculty, CPDT-KA, TAGteach Level 2) is the owner and founder of Animal Behavior Training Concept based in Chicago ( Laura began her professional animal training career in 1991 at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago where she trained beluga whales, dolphins, sea otters, seals, river otters, and penguins. In 2000, she joined the San Diego Zoo and then later the Brookfield Zoo as a supervisory keeper. Working within the zoological community, Laura has trained a wide variety of species, including primates, large cats, birds of prey, horses, parrots, tree kangaroos, red pandas, and dogs.Don't miss this opportunity to hear Laura Monaco Torelli present this one-day seminar in Milwaukee, WI!

Ready... Set... for Groomer and Vet! How Trainers Make a Difference (3 hours with break)

Necessity made fun: There is no way around it. Puppies and dogs need to visit the veterinarian. And, for certain pups, visit the groomer as well. The process can be quite stressful—on both ends of the leash! Training is not just about obedience or single, discrete goals. There is a broader scope to most training goals. It is helpful, however, to teach owners how to split goals into small steps. Most owners see the value of this strategy when small successes lead to larger progress over time, in this case at each subsequent vet and grooming visit. Being involved with day-to-day training progress is quite reinforcing. Teachers have such amazing roles! Providing tips, suggestions, and resources that help our veterinary and grooming colleagues also creates relaxed clients and dogs that reap their own benefits

Working Together: Exploring the Benefits of Professional Collaborations (1 hour)

This topic focuses on the important role of trainer collaboration with fellow trainers and veterinary professionals to help support our clients and their dogs.

A Common Language Among Various Species (45 min)

At first glance, the strict conditions exotic animal trainers work under seem restricted and unnecessary for our canine companions.  However, on closer inspection, we can learn a lot about the benefits of these programs such as; trainer consistency, set training schedules and sessions, a closely monitored and healthy diet, detailed record-keeping that lends itself to spectacular planning.  How do professional trainers help the average dog, cat, bird, or horse owner who simply wants less stressful health care and grooming? Surprise—a little planning goes a long way!

Learn how to set the stage for the caregiver and animal, while providing a common language that is easy-to-follow. The science of learning is fun!

Final Q&A 3:30pm-4:30pm

Bring your own lunch.

Due to space limitations we will not be permitted to have dogs in the meeting room--no exceptions.


No videotaping or audio taping is permitted.


The Wisconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI   53208

Thursday, September 22, 2016.


A full refund will be issued if requested before Friday, August 26, 2016. No refunds or credits will be issued after that time. All refunds must be requested by email or phone. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The fee for this seminar includes:
Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)    

◦ CPDT-KA - (7 credits)

◦ IAABC - (7 credits)

◦ Karen Pryor Academy - (7 credits)

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208
United States

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