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Wildlife Baby Shower & Bake Sale
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center





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donate-wildlife.jpgWildlife Baby Shower
Saturday, July 23:  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Like the rest of the Wisconsin Humane Society, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is funded through donations.  Last year, our wildlife rehabilitation staff treated 5,000 wild animals and 60% of them were orphaned babies. These little babies depend on the lifesaving work of our wildlife rehabilitators as well as essential medicines and specialized foods to heal and flourish. 

Come and join us for our Wildlife Baby Shower! You'll get the opportunity to watch our staff and volunteers in action, feeding and caring for our orphaned babies in the busy nursery.  You can also learn about the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and visit our many displays which include information on how to keep wildlife outside and keep baby animals from becoming orphaned. Purchase delicious goodies at our bake sale, courtesy of our talented volunteers. All proceeds benefit the orphans in our care.

No need to let us know you're coming!  Everyone is invited to our shower.  Gifts are encouraged!  Listed below are the items the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center needs.

Our goal is to raise the $3,500 we need to buy the specialized wildlife mother's milk-replacer formulas and baby songbird food to keep us going all summer.  These professional-grade products are not available over the counter, so we can't ask you to buy some and drop it off here, but we'll use your cash donation to buy these essential products for our babies from the manufacturers.

Fromm Puppy Gold dry dog food (available from Animal Antics here at the shelter); frozen berries of any type; unflavored Pedialyte or Ricelyte (or generic equivalent); 100mg vitamin B-1 ("thiamine") tablets; bird seed: nyger (thistle) seed, mixed seed, finch seed, sunflower seed.

Wildlife note cards, Birds of Wisconsin placemats, bird houses and other fun products will be on display and available for purchase.

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